I do a bit of amateur woodworking in my home workshop.  These are some photos a few of my recent projects.
Black Walnut Grandfather Clock
In addition to the grandfather clock I previously built a nice jeweler's wall clock in Cherry wood.  This photo shows me with both.  The grandfather clock now resides with Martin and Sara in their home.  The wall clock I have given to Jenniferj but until she has room for mounting it will remain.
My curent (November / December 2018) project is a rocking chair.  It is an arts and crafts design but rather than Oak as would be traditional for and arts and crafts design Susan and I have chosen Cherry for a bit lighter look.

Free counters provided by Vendio.

After finishing the rocking chair it was brought to my attention that it really needed an ottoman.  So I made a design to go with the chair. Then gues what?  It needs a nice little table.  So here is the finished three piece set.