Since 2014 Susan, Martin, and I have spent a week or more  at Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. Crowsnest Pass refers to an area of several small towns / villages, including Blairmore, where we stay at Lost Lemon RV Park.  Within 25 - 30 miles of Blairmore are 5 beautiful small rivers for Martin and I to wade and fish.  For Susan it is a chance to work on her quilting, read, and enjoy the quiet.

I'm just going to include a sample of photos of these special Rocky Mountain rivers.  I won't attempt to offer fishing reports.  Suffice to say the fishing is excellent and the environment is so special that catching is merely a bonus.
Crowsnest River

Livingston River
Castle River
Oldman River
Carbondale River
Lost Lemon
RV Park
Yes, that is our rig.  Martin is fishing the Crowsnest River by our campsite.
Michele Creek
Fernie Area - Stayed at Fernie Provincial Park for Elk River and Michele Creek
Elk River