Now it's time to begin making our way home.  We have decided to take the Cassiar Highway which departs the Alaska Highway just north (west actually) of Watson Lake, Yukon.  The Cassiar is a bit narrower and curving, max 35 mph in some stretches.  All decent paving, no worry about damage, etc.  The terrain is generally more rolling although there are also some good mountain stretches.  Deese Lake is the only town of any significance, and it is limited to one service station/grocery store combination.

On the way from Tok to Watson Lake stopped at each of the camps we used on the way north and I wanted to be sure to stop again at Big Creek Campground. This time the creek was lower and fishing was good.  We also spent a couple of days exploring and fishing the Rancheria River north of Big Creek.  Each day as we went north we say the same Grizzly browsing along the roadside.  He did not seem at all interested in us.  Pretty neat.

Two special stops for us along the Cassiar.  In 1995 we traveled north on this highway which was largely unpaved.  On that trip we spent several days at Red Goat Lodge on Edentenajon Lake.  It was a special memory so we definitely wanted a repeat, which proved to be just as good.  I also remembered stopping along the road at Cottonwood Creek where both Susan and I caught some Grayling.  Although the highway has been moved a hundred yards or so east with a new bridge we found the same spot.  There is a spur of old highway to the same spot where we stopped in 1995. 
Big Creek, Pet Bear,
Rancheria River
Cottonwood Creek
1995 & 2018
Red Goat
1995 & 2018
The rest of the Cassiar is equally beautiful and the road becomes a bit wider and less curving on the way south.  We made a point to stop at Meziadin Provincial Park so we could spend a day driving to Stewart, British Columbia, and Hyder, Alaska.  Another absolutely beautiful highway and interesting towns.

Between our stop at Deese Lake and all the way through the rest of B.C. we were always within varying amounts of wildfire smoke. Our route included Smithers, Quesnel, Merritt, and Home.
Trip Data
Total Miles  -  5652

85 Days
May 20 to August 12

42 Stops
22 Public Campgrounds, 20 RV Parks

652 Gal Diesel 
Total $2163.23 Avg $3.31/Gal

$2299.92 Total Camp/RV Park Fees

Total trip cost (fuel, lodging, food, fishing, misc, etc, etc.) $10,011.20, average  $117.77 per day.