11/27/2015 w/ Martin

Hiked to Boardman Lake.  Most of lake iced over.  Very small open water and small beach at outlet, and fairly large open area at far side but couldn't get there.  A little snow and ice spots on trail.  Beautiful day and nice hike but did not attempt to fish.

10/28/2016  Slide Lake w/ Martin

Hiked in very slowly and carefully to protect foot injured by fall in July.  No problem going either way.  Trail had been cleared of large pile of down trees from last year.  There was on new down tree very close to the end of Slide Lake.  We got around/over it with some sliding and crawling.  Beautiful but cool day, clear sky and no wind.  The sun never got on the lake, blocked by hills all day, with exception of just a small bit ritght at the launch corner or an hour or so at noon.
Water was quite cold again.  Next time be sure to pack dry shirt and wader pants.  By the time we got to the lake my pants and shirt were quite wet from brushy tree limbs and crawling under. Between very cold water and wet pants it was a very cold and shivering day.
My smaller float tube with styrofoam seat from larger tube was better.  It still allows me to sit a little bit in water but much better than last trip, not as good as large tube but much easier to pack - good compromise.
Lake was very high, into the brush.  Got quite a few fish, best along area below slide on far side.  I used on elk hair caddis all day.  Not sure how many fish it caught but lots and it was still in good shape at the end.  Good quality fly.
Our lunch beach was well under water.  Martin spotted a perfect rock we could get up onto for lunch and to warm up a bit out of the water.

07/12/2017  Slide Lake w/ Martin

Nice pleasant day.  Trail in good shape. No trees to climb over or under.  Used small tube without the foam seat - ok and easiest to pack but sit down in water.  Must be careful to not goover waist high waders in back.  Lake was quite low.  Very wide dry area where we put in made it easy to blow up tube, etc.  Lots of fish all, rocky area across lake still very good.

11/29/2017  Boardman Lake w/ Martin

Nice day but quite cool at lake.  Beautiful sunny day. Lots of colorful leaves on mountains around the lake. Sun never got over the hills on south 2/3 of lake.  Used small tube without foam seat again.  Got water over top of waist high waders at beginning so stayed wet all day.  In future bring chest high neoprene waders - much warmer and no water coming over top.
Made a loop of the lake beginning on south side.  I got one Brook trout, Martin got none.

10/21/2018  Slide Lake w/ Martin

Road and trail good.  Couple of trees to go around but easy.  One to go under high enough to keep pack on.  Lake VERY low and frozen over.  So low could walk easily along the shore.  Only open water a narrow channel where stream comes in. Ate lunch and came home.  Nice day for hike but no fishing.

06/28/2019  Blue Lake w/ Martin

Missed the left turn off trail and hiked an extra couple of hours on toward Dock Bute all way to top of ridge above Blue Lake.  Steep rocky climb did not seem right so we turned around and hiked back for awhile, but that didn't seem right either so turned around again and went to top.  Lots of good exercise. Intermittent light rain but otherwise pleasant day. Lake as pretty as ever, a couple of snow patched on rock slide. Caught many 5-6" Brook Trout. No-one else on trail or lake until we were packing up to leave there was a group on shore at far end. 
10/17/2020  Slide Lake.  Did not meet for breakfast, remaining clear of restaurants due to virus.  Trail clear all way, no down limbs or trees. Hike went fairly easy both ways. Nice no wind day, overcast and cool.  Lake highest ever.  Floated onto the lunch rock ledge.  Few fish moving on most of lake.  I got most right at inlet stream.  Martin kept 6 fish for smoking.

08/15/2021  Slide Lake.  Breakfast at Mr T 0800, set up and in water at noon.  Road about same as always, more brush along sides, seems like more deep chuck holes, no problems, though.  Trail best ever.  Only a couple of large trees down with steps cut in.  No need to crawl or bushwhack anywhere.  Nice sunny day, about 70.  Small tube with no foam in seat, Susan's Cabela's chest high waders no water over top.  Very comfortable and pleasant day.  Lake very low, plenty of area for setting up gear etc.  Got lots of healthy Cutthroat.  Martin even got them to attack Morish Mouse, mostly biting the long tail.  I used his mouse for a bit with same results - lots of strikes on tail but no catches.  Went close in the inlet, water quite cold.  Fished around lake until about 1630. 

07/08/2022  Boardman Lake. Breakfast at Buzz Inn, Granite Falls.  2 hrs with one stop. Road in had very large holes - VW size.  Passed a Prius on the way out.  The holes were as large as their car.  I did not think a car like that could go from hole to hole without bottoming but they were doing ok - but super slow. 30 minutes to make 5 miles to trailhead, 30 minutes hike.  Nice cool but comfortable day with mixed sun/clouds.  No-one else at lake until after we started fishing, one couple came and sat at the beach to the left from the trail.  Never heard them so a very quiet day. I think they were the ones in the Prius we passed on the way out. Made complete circuit of lake.  Not a single fish for either Martin or me.  No sign of fish anywhere on lake