Dawson Creek
Our trip to Alaska began on May 20.  After a nice visit with cousin Nancy and Brian MacKinnon in Kamloops we stopped for a couple of days at Clearwater, BC, for Barry to have stitches removed from a skin cancer surgery and to visit Wells Gray Provincial Park's glorious waterfalls.  Then it was a quick overnight at Valemount ,  two nights at Crooked River Provincial Park, and we were on the way to the official start of the Alaska Highway.  Two nights at Dawson Creek were plenty to restock groceries and explore the town.
Then it was our first day traveling on the Highway.  177 miles to Buckinghorse Campground.  Our first stop was true gem.  This small campground just off the highway was right along the Buckinghorse River.  We lucked into the best site and ended up staying for an extra day of fishing.  Too early in the year for grayling but I caught a couple of small ones. 

From here north we stopped at B.C. or Yukon campgrounds whenever convenient.  Since we stopped most days between noon and 2PM we usually had our choice of spots. The campgrounds were all small, less than a dozen sites, and quite basic.  Amenities limited to table, fire pit, and pit toilet. Yukon even included free firewood in the $12 Canadian fee. It seemed to us that most rv travelers were destination bound, on the road before our breakfast time, and stopped at 5 PM or later in rv parks with more amenities. Many were also traveling in larger rv's that limited precluded use of smaller camps.
Buckinghorse River
Buckinghorse River to Watson Lake is about 470 miles of excellent 2 lane highway with zero traffic.  A nice distance for us in 6 days with 4 stops.  We literally went 20 minutes or more without seeing another vehicle in either direction.  Lots of Dahl Sheep, caribou, and a few bears.  Beautiful drive through mostly rolling terrain until between Tetsa River and Muncho Lake.  Then winding 25-30 mph curves along rivers and between steep mountains.  Some 6-9 percent grades but not very long.                

After staying at more campgrounds a restocking stop at Downtown RV Park in Watson Lake was quite a change, literally a huge gravel parking lot with power/water/sewer hookups.  Very convenient with decent grocery store right at entrance and liquor store a mile away.  This was our first stop along with a large caravan.  Wow, to each his own.  We saw this group during the day stopped at a rest along the highway.  They completely filled the rest stop and well along on the road shoulder.  Then they traveled nose to tail all day.
Tetsa River
Provincial Park
Muncho Lake
Provincial Park
Watson Lake,
Big Creek Camp

From Watson Lake to Whitehorse, Yukon, is abut 275 miles.  A nice leisurely trip in three travel days with stops at Big Creek Campground and Squanga Lake Campgrund. Several bears along the way, including one mother with two cubs. From Squanga Lake we made a day trip to the old village of Atlin, BC.
Squanga Lake
Campground to
Next leg will take us back into the US at Tok, Alaska, with stops at Congdon Lake and Snag Junction campgrounds.  Yukon's Northern Rockies are the most dramatically scenic portion of the Alaska Highway.  Here we travel through more  mountain valleys, river canyons, and grand views.  The highway remains excellent two lanes with zero traffic until shortly after passing Destruction Bay.  From there on the terrain is flat with marshy areas. For the next 150 miles the highway is a constant series of frost heaves.  Max 45 MPH and often much slower.  With zero traffic on the highway it was no surprise to find only a couple of vehicles at the border.  Beware - max height 12 ft 10 inches.
Congdon Lake
Snag Junction
Follow us into the great
State of Alaska

Trip Data
Total Miles  -  5652

85 Days
May 20 to August 12

42 Stops
22 Public Campgrounds, 20 RV Parks

652 Gal Diesel 
Total $2163.23 Avg $3.31/Gal

$2299.92 Total Camp/RV Park Fees

Total trip cost (fuel, lodging, food, fishing, misc, etc, etc.) $10,011.20, average  $117.77 per day.